2019 Highlights – Our people


2020-01-09 17:30 PST

The BC RCMP strives to build and promote a culture of organizational excellence. The employees and police officers who work for the organization strive daily to provide the best possible service to the public. Our employees come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, and work in many different roles to serve and support the communities in which they live.

image of RCMP police officers in the community

Our people are proud to be a part of the RCMP family and to be able to contribute to safer communities:

From South Africa to the RCMP – Sergeant Dave Fouche

From a small village in India to leading Canada’s largest homicide investigation team - Superintendant Dave Chauhan

An example of RCMP diversity – Corporal Freda Fong

A career in the RCMP can be quite a journey – Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Strachan

An Invaluable Resource – Constable Lesley Smith

It’s a job that when people ask, I’m proud to tell them what I do. – Constable Bill Peterson

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